Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blue Doesn't Hold

This occured to me in one of my regular mani-pedi-massage drills. Blue nails have been commissioned and it got me thinking of the previous hair coloring disaster (c/o hairdresser with whom I share the same first name), the one where I got pissed because the blue lowlights (?) I got for the hair at my nape didn't take. Instead, because it's been bleached prior to application, the strands turned into something oddly greenish in color and then faded away into corn hair after some time. I still got some left if you want to see how far bleach goes if you have jet black hair.

Well anyway, I hadn't made the connection yet (or I did before but have forgotten) but it appears the same principle holds for blue nail color. For some reason or another the color chips easier compared with the reds, blacks and purples (the only other colors I ever get). There must be some science behind this!

In other news, I migrated my longish Tumblr posts here and am considering migrating the ones from the other now-dead blog as well. I still have time to reconsider. Sometimes I think they're too dark, but hey, that's me, I can get dark.

I can also get as bright as hell. I'm currently working on a couple of side projects which I'm excited about (that said, what the hell would I be doing with side projects I don't care about), something around a short screenplay and then the Taglish novel. Yes! Hindi na ako nadala! They say the next thing you have to do when you finish a big one is to keep writing. Otherwise the 'writing ops' (hunting agents, making queries, compulsively checking your inbox for replies) will swallow you whole.

Last piece of sunshine: I think I'm falling in love with church again. The Mass last week was awesome: we had this priest who would go down to the aisle to interview people. He was always shouting. I was sitting near the back so I could only see his upper body floating around. Halfway through talking about eating at buffets (because I think the gospel was about the multiplication of bread and fish), he disappeared from view. He'd fallen, people checked him out if he were okay, he laughed it off, he continued talking.

Before he gave the final blessing he told us the last time he fell down like that he'd been invalided for 6 months. He had a condition pala that made his bones kinda weak. Therefore the fact pala that he was able to continue walking and clowning around was an actual miracle. I wanted to cry. I didn't. I just caught my seatmate's eye and nodded meaningfully, in a way that hopefully successfully conveyed, "Itong si Father ang tigas pala ng ulo e."

Today's priest was okay. What made Mass "cool" was I thought it was going to rain when a strong breeze entered the church just when I was about to complain to myself about the heat. Turns out it might have been God sending me a message from the other side: I'll tell you more about this soon.

It's 11:30. I should be prepping my face. Peaceout!


Tin Lagrimas said...

I went to church when on my birthday and the sermon was that of the multiplication of bread and fish! And I also have my period! What does all these mean???


Good to know you're falling in love with faith. It must be all there is to life - having faith.

Tin Lagrimas said...

also, your hairdresser's name is Christina too?

Christina the Astonishing said...

Re Christina--secret.

I've read somewhere that faith makes the eye sharper.