Monday, August 13, 2012


I do have an embarrassing tendency to become obsessed with the shows I watch when I fall in love with the leads. Or with a storyline. I've been trying to think how far back this has gone on for me and I have to say my first artista crush would be Mikey from Goonies.

And then when I started watching TV series later in life it would be Rory Cochrane (Speedman in CSI: Miami na pinatay naman sa first season), Josh Holloway (Sawyer in Lost), Joshua Jackson (Peter in Fringe), and Matthew Gray Gubler (Reid in Criminal Minds). I'm not sure if I had a type, as you can see it's a whole spectrum of guy types.

I know I'm obsessed when I've run out of pages on the Internet to read about the guy or I've actually reached page 1 of all known Tumblr fan blogs or I've actually downloaded the guy's entire body of work (like, say, Fortysomething, Wreckers and Third Star--if you recognize these titles then you're just like me. How about Triple Dog?).

I think my latest chain of obsessions really started with Penn Badgley's voice in Easy A (couldn't remember for the life of me what show I was fooling around with then), and when Paul told me Penn was in Gossip Girl, I ended up falling for the Chuck and Blair story line (well, Ed Westwick, really--I swear I'd blush whenever I'd pass his Penshoppe billboard along Libis each morning).

This ultimately destroyed my credibility in recommending shows to people, and was only able to somewhat get it back with Sherlock (because of the amazing Benedict Cumberbatch). I dabbled around a bit with Michael C. Hall (Dexter! Cool enough) and Dan Stevens (Cousin Matthew in Downton Abbey), but then very recently...the two boys from Awkward: Beau Mirchoff (no contest) and Brett Davern.

I'm not sure what this says about my hormones, really.

P.S. I forgot about watching The Lucky One purely for Zac Efron.


Tin Lagrimas said...

you're straight, that's all. And the characters you mentioned did not make me turn the other way at all. except for the brilliance of cumberbatch's sherlock portrayal. but then again, i would kill for irene adler any fucking day.

Christina the Astonishing said...

I just wanted someone to read my entry. HAHAHAHA. I can't turn anybody, come on.