Saturday, August 11, 2012

Game On, Bitcherzzz

Random picture of the week! Haha! It turns out I used to be somewhat of an artist when I was younger. Or at least a scribbler. The rest of the pages are studies for some comics project I've abandoned because I'm a wuss.

My brother's Samsung phone took it. I've been thinking of phones all month. An iPhone sounds good. And expensive. I had an iPod Touch, there's no going back from there, I reckon.

It's been raining ALL WEEK. Literally. It's become annoying. The new norm, Miray said. Well, I'm ready for a new norm. I've hit some writing milestones the past several months, but in that giant cornfield I'm still pretty much hacking aimlessly. Well, not aimlessly aimlessly. Aimlessly forward.

Writing queries is hard work, let me tell you about it. You think you're done when you're done writing the damn thing? No, you have to condense what happens in your 80,000-word tome into one page, a third of which should sell the project, and the other third should sell you. Again, that classic can't get a job because all jobs required experience.

But not giving up, far from it. I've become convinced I can make my stay as worthwhile as I can. When the sun came out, couldn't help feeling happy. I should smile more.

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