Friday, December 26, 2008

Forgot to Say Thanks, Universe

The year ran out on me more along the vein of having fun. I did have fun. Loads. Tons. Universes-full. Friends leaving wasn't fun last year, and neither is it any fun this year (or next, but still hoping), but there you go. Life goes on, new things happen. Nothing gets replaced, just new and new things filling the plate. It's all good.

Frankly I would not have thought I'd get anywhere to where I am today (not in terms of earthly standards like, say, married, or with a kick-ass boyfriend, or country-fucking-manager, etc.). I was pretty much clenched up and rigid all my life and this year was chock-full of milestones from all quarters. Yey, me!

Let me give you the hack: when you're feeling good, always say yes. Sometimes, even if you're not feeling good, say yes--just use a couple more brain cells than usual. But never no. No is easy. Yes isn't all that difficult either, but it's easier to live with, in the long run.

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