Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Murdering Your Masterpiece

People with so-called artistic vision often have to bow down to dictates of the market or the community, this is glaringly evident in the movie industry, which is why, I think, Neil Gaiman said something about how if moviemakers are going to stray even a little bit away from the artistic vision (meaning not only the plot, the storyline or the dialogue, which was the case in 300--no straying, I mean--sometimes even just the artistic vision and not necessarily the plot, the storyline or the dialogue, in the beautiful case of Stardust), then they are better off not making the movie at all.

This, also, so it goes, is why Alan Moore will be spitting venom all over Watchmen, if and when it comes out. Of course I'll watch it, but with a skeptic's eye. But I think I must also buy the comic book, to do justice to the story (yun lang naman pala e, humihingi lang ng excuse bumili ng Watchmen). The man has a point, read the article.


iandelmundo said...


you can download a copy from here... i think :D

Christina the Astonishing said...

indeed I can! thanks maaaaan!

iandelmundo said...


yung sa i am legend in the same vein as ur post i would think :D

Christina the Astonishing said...

wow, eye-opening.

all of them kinda are (in the same vein as compromising artistic vision), in a way.

must. find. dvd release. of die hard.