Wednesday, April 16, 2008

At Hindi Lang Yan, Meron Pa!

What's a Ten?: Sprouting security industry terms for phishing attacks and all other derivative terms to sound cool and in-the-know, while exuding severe bad mood for added coolness

What's Not a Ten?: The look on Mayee's face when I actually said "spare phishing" (not once, but four times, and out loud), when I really meant "spear phishing," the look that said, "Oh my God I hope nobody heard that. I will forget this. I will forget this. She's an okay person. I will forget this."


iandelmundo said...

ibang lebel ka na tlga.alam ko naman yung phishing pero i had to google spear phishing... didn't bother googling spare phishing though

Macky Cruz said...

hahaha yes because there is no such thing *blushes*

Macky Cruz said...

or maybe I can make up a new term -- like, phishing attempts criminals create during their uh... "spare" time

shet wag na nga

iandelmundo said...

that's sad... really sad... let it go macky, let it die a quiet death