Wednesday, April 16, 2008

May Finale Pa!

What's a Ten?: Announcing to the world your undying love for comics and graphic novels by shrieking unceremoniously when you see stacks and stacks of comic books at this small comic book store at some corner in CyberMall

What's Not a Ten?: Walking into the glass doors of said corner store after yelling, "Comics!," not realizing there was anything in front of me, stubbing my toe in the process, putting up with Paul's weak attempt at hiding the intense desire to roll on the floor laughing, trying to talk with a certain degree of seriousness to the store guys after that


iandelmundo said...

san iyan?share naman.pwede bang magbasa like sa powerbooks?san ba yung cybermall?

Macky Cruz said...

dun sa Libis - branch ata ng Comic Quest (or is it Comics Quest -- I forget) nakasandwich sa etelecare at some magazine store (2nd flr)

pwede magbasa --- asa pa dude, last I know of establishments like that was this one sa taas ng Sylvia's flower shop along Katipunan but it died na (they used to rent out comics at 5 bucks a day)