Friday, November 2, 2007

Going Green

I love Treehugger to death, and in one of my random stumbles I have come upon a possible answer to the environmental impact of dealing with menstruation. And it is this: the Mooncup.

Right after watching The 11th hour, we ate at Dencio's to try and list stuff to do to feel the change we are bent on making in our lives. Mayee and I already love the pre-fab green home being put up by Wired, and Tin knows there exists a green Rav4 somewhere in the universe (and read why Toyota decided to discontinue its production; a very sad thing), but we must begin this journey with the small stuff.

And this is how we reached the matter of the monthly bleeding. Pasadors won't cut it, so we resolved to delay a change in that department for some other time.

I knew there was something out there, and so here it is, I think. Yes, it might irk women, but read it closely and it will make sense. As usual, this is not yet available in the Philippines, so converts may not necessarily be able to get their hands on it agad. It costs a little over a thousand pesos, but you know what they say, if we keep voting with our money then we might be able to convince corporations of environmentally-safe alternatives.

P.S. Writing this post inspired me to scour my inbox for this one email I sent before to some company in Cebu that specializes in solar panels. This was right after watching An Inconvenient Truth, daring Papa to figure out how to set up something like that. It's not entirely plug and play so to speak. This demands more research.
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