Sunday, October 7, 2007

You Can't Read My Mind (or No to Sunday Music)

Wala lang, gusto ko lang i-show off na pagdating sa musika, may preferences man ako (mostly leaning against pop), it's still mostly my moods that dictate my world.

Like, how, I like Sarabanda - Roberto Cacciapaglia

But I know shit like They Might Be Giants - Dr. Worm

And I did bug an inordinate number of people to find out for me who sang this song:

And I'm like the only one (plus a blessed few) who truly realize the cosmic implications of the songs and words of Run to the Water - Live:

And finally, for the sake of good times, I'll have you know how much Counting Crows (here singing Mr. Jones) can get you in the writing zone. It's just me, of course.

Finally, a note on why I love NU107: looking cool like SPAM when the pop stations finally play something I've been hearing over at NU (and singing to myself) for like, months ago. I distinctly remember the smug look I'd give to people who'd ask me what the hell was I singing when Parokya's Order Taker and Mang Jose came out on mainstream. Still, what's sexier of course are those songs most other people never really get to hear. {mental note: make a list}
Mood: steady lang


Anonymous said...

amen to counting crows' mr. jones

tintination said...

On the pop side of things, there are some shit like the Justin Timberlake song you've been singing which was so last year. anyway, that's life.

Macky Cruz said...

which one was that? aaah, justin, a man after my own heart.

chase_papi said...

how "leaning against pop" is All I Have to Give by Backstreet Boys? ahem...

Macky Cruz said...

(poker-faced): I have no idea what you're talking about. hihihihihi. Let's just say I DID say 'mostly leaning against pop.'