Saturday, September 22, 2007

On the Matter of Kick-Ass PCs

It is time, Intermittent Reader, for me to relinquish (or revitalize -- for truly, denial is a megalomaniac's best friend) my post as the proud owner of My Big and Beautiful Kick-Ass PC, which is by now, possibly obsolete, although I will deny ever having said that if you ask me to say it again.

And to that end, my two friends are still up and running, freshly-updated as always, these two wonderful online resources that had been my savior and such for those days of twilight and subsequent joy oh what happiness new computers bring:
This, of course, comes much as an after-thought; I mean, I should have gone for an upgrade before the whole HiComm thing hit -- but even then, the Kick-Ass PC was still way beyond what most computers are running on these days (I've had 1GB RAMs for like, years)-- but inner geeks have terribly high-flying dreams.
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Anonymous said...

you've become such a techie... teach me... we're not worthy...

Macky Cruz said...

turuan kita, pakilala ka muna ;)