Friday, September 14, 2007

Fuck Video File Formats

Well, the fact of the matter is I'm so pagod na but it's a happy-pagod kind of pagod that's not so annoying as when I used to be angry-pagod and doesn't that suck in such a major manner you wanna just shrivel up and die -- the world just turned happy on me because despite that unprecedented level of sleepiness CONVERTING the clips into something ULead will like, and the sadness that followed (Mayee at the HiComm staring at a white screen), everything turned out for the best because now there is renewed respect for the powers that be, that great enabler, the boss on heels, it's just really the coolest feeling in the world to know that things can happen by wanting them so damn badly to happen even if you were already so willing to just up and resign or jump out the window and so there was Paul with the 'in a clean, four-peat sweep' and the videos playing seamlessly during the afternoon session -- there was nothing sweeter than the sound of Mahendra's voice caught on tape.

So the lessons are these:
  • There are like five hundred video file formats and most of them will let you down.
  • It is better to count the time to finish video file conversion in light-years.
  • Sleep is not overrated.
  • Sony Vegas rules. If only it doesn't cost money.

Dear Kick-Ass PC, I'm still so in love with you, so don't worry, baby. This is just one of them relationship tests -- I understand your pain. And even if we had to go through this, I will keep my promises: I will turn you into that bloody hotrod so all your cousins will look at you with envy -- I will 3GB RAM you, I will external video processor you, I will 2 24-inch LCD monitor you, I will uber-cool transparent casing with 55 fans you, I will hug you and cuddle you and all that shit that hairy white giant does to Marvin the Martian over at those old cartoons. Together we will be so cool.
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