Saturday, September 22, 2007

Closer to Bloodbath

... there was music running through my veins, the crescendo of years, strains of O Fortuna -- like looking out over at a heart-stopping panorama that was no longer just here and now, but before and after, yesterday and tomorrow, you and me {we have ceased to be not one}, we are gods over nations, overseers of the rich histories of mankind, vanguards, guardians, writers by blood ---

... there was love on my lips, for nothing was more real than flesh and heat, life and passion, you were as true to me as the chains that bound me to my destiny, my curse, my blessing, the reason the gods breathed into me, life ---

... there was tension and pain like of love hidden for years, love for another soul that surpassed age, death, dimension, parallel realities, vibrations buzzing spectacularly unlike anything the world has ever seen ---

... the world has been waiting for us, for this, for we are legends, we are kings ---
Mood: enthralled by the possibilities

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