Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Life is Easy

I am not going to shock you with what's going on in my mind at the moment. But if you're familiar with these words, then you know where and how I got them. It's about the world, in general, the culmination of fears and desires and apprehensions and feelings -- it brought tears to my eyes when I heard it this morning because it is the closest I can ever get to the truth of this reality. We often wonder where we came from, and what put us here, and why. I was the typical question-asker of the century, also willing observer of all ugly/beautiful things. I spent nights wondering about things people my age that time would not really find exciting, or even relevant. It was fun being a kid, but it hurt sometimes. I've had a feeling I was way ahead of my years, but sometime during high school I realized that's as far as my brain got and so the truth is I was born with the brain of a sixth-grader which made me smart during my early years but a little stupid thereafter. I don't mind. Sometimes it's a blessing. After all, who likes adults?

So anyway I wanted to write this short post to tell you this. Pretend it's from another place, another time, a vibrational message from the future, might be from your future self, talking to you about the world, in the midst of the confusion, all the shit you brought upon yourself and the people you love. Pretend it's from God, or whoever made this place, whoever set in motion the fact of your creation, the real-ness of you, and where you are and why you are there. The worlds you create with your mind, your words, your actions, they are expressions of your truth and sometimes what gets lost in the bustle is the one thing you knew when you first came here, but is the one thing you keep looking for anyway. It is also a well-wishing message from the cosmos. Friends from other places, talking to men. It is also from me. If someone who knows you intimately were to live forever to see the rest of your life pan out, if that someone knows how you are going to turn out in the end, if that someone also knows you were really just looking for this one thing, this is what he'll tell you about the world:

"There is great love here for you."

And I won't tell you why I think it's true or whether it actually happened, to me, or to someone else or to someone maybe you know. But I'll tell you this much: it is the truth. I love you, world.
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tintination said...

people grow up and socialize that's why we tend to forget our truths. sometimes, we also exchange our truths for others' truths and we acquire them and make them our own. we tend to keep looking when everything we've always wanted and needed and loved have always been right before our eyes. and all the war, the violence, the gory details of living are best expressions of humans wanting and needing and forgetting to remember that love is in the here and now.

Macky Cruz said...

And that's why I've always maintained that grownups are grumpy in general.

tintination said...

aha! That's why you're grumpy all the time.

Macky Cruz said...

Well, you know what they (I) say, the winning is in the trying.