Monday, September 10, 2007

Moving Pictures

We were, of course, scouring our brains for movies to watch before we die when we came across discussing A Clockwork Orange, which is one of them sicker creations. Although I owned a copy and was the one egging people to watch it watch it watch it dali naaaa. I have not really been able to sit through its first ten minutes of ultraviolence. But that's not to say I'm fluffy. That's to say this is one sick film yo. I watch movies for several reasons, but none of them even tread upon tones of 'to feel good' or 'to sit back and enjoy' and the only reason I have for having watched flicks like Clueless, and {see, I've forgotten already} other girl movies is not being able to say no to girl friends. Them dudes from work these days are, thankfully, a little more in tune with my tastes, so I got to see movies in all their sweet Dolby Surround-ness when before I would have waited for the VCD release at the friendly neighborhood Video City.

And so the reason for this tirade is so you have a proper background about the types of movies I like, and should you and I happen to like the same things we should go out for coffee and discuss such subjects as the aestheticization of violence.

And they are, in no particular order:

  1. Se7en - where Kevin Spacey became my favorite actor of all time
  2. Fight Club - I so loved how it ended because it was so similar to dreams I used to have in high school
  3. The Mexican - because I got it
  4. The Matrix (the first one) - because it resonated this feeling of I know there's something wrong with the world shit I've been harboring all my life
  5. Trainspotting - because the cuss words were so beautiful
  6. Girl, Interrupted - because Angelina was so beautiful
  7. American Beauty - because all families are dysfunctional
  8. Constantine - because I crave for other worlds than this
  9. Love Me If You Dare - because love is another world
  10. Kill Bill (both) - because killing people never looked this good
  11. Face/Off (just that scene where people were shooting and Somewhere over the Rainbow was playing in the background)
  12. Lord of War - because it's true
And I end at twelve because I want to and because finally I've figured out what to do with the rest of this day. Thank you for listening and may you all have a glorious week ahead.
Mood: wide awake at 4 am


Anonymous said...

i so get face/off.the music was so wrong in the scene with bullets flying everywhere and yet it was also so right :D

Macky Cruz said...

similarly, there's this one scene in The Thin Red Line where in the middle of warfare (bombs going off, people shooting at each other, people dying, etc.) a soldier contemplates on a blade of grass. (these film makers! true genius!)

Anonymous said...

you might want to consider watching Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal might enjoy it :D

Chanda Yongkita said...

I agree with you on Fight Club and American Beauty.

Dati gusto ko ang mga violent films pero nagbago isip ko nang mapanood ko ang Kill Bill heheheheh.

Violence ba kamo, Macky? Watch Hostel. Walang sense, pero you're in for a gorefest. It's sick and without substance. Trip trip lang. O kung adik adik ka.

Anonymous said...

found this and thought it might interest you.didn't read it myself :D

Macky Cruz said...

hey cool, thanks for the link! it has good reviews at the end. Re: Full Metal Jacket -- off I go to Video City.

chanda -- Hostel? brrrr, I will watch na rin