Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Zero Cool

Thanks to Nico and the powers-that-be that made the Anti-Malware Training possible for me and HotBod, I so feel like a Threat Response Engineer it's not funny. We did worms today and wasn't it fun? I could already feel the inner Angelina (not the 13-year-old virus but Jolie in Hackers) raging to get out.

Also, Job must hate me for not responding properly to 'wazup mackybitch' (meaning I did not respond at all -- but only because I was out for dinner -- and it wasn't with a guy, Job, UNfortunately. But Mayeh and I did have the Boracay room's mood lights all to ourselves). They did get me back at the daily grind but at least we have a fucking game room in the office everything's just so damn fine.

Speaking of Job, thank God for Arman for making it absolutely okay to drool at comic book characters (Victorrrr Manchaaaa). Job says he's coming back to bring us lots and lots of digital goodness oh happy day! Sure the Sandman series still tops my list of sequential art (thank you, Scott McCloud), and I do a little comics on the side, too, if you can call it that, but there's nothing like a pack of teenage runaways to fling you bodily back into that world where anything can happen.
Mood: slightly nerdy


Anonymous said...

where do you work? you have soft copies of comic books?

Macky Cruz said...

tell me who you are and maybe i'll tell you hahaha