Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Some Joyful Tirade on the Walk Home

And so the thing about being human do you understand that the greatest thing the greatest thing in the middle of this, THIS, walking in the middle of multitudes of magical organic sentient animals who at this junction may be thinking of immortality or mortality or domesticity or the grave possibility that I, mint green sneaks with hot pink laces, speeding up and slowing down randomly to set strangers off, was out to either kiss, slap, snatch their bag/s off, smile at, scoff at, reason with them, and how that very fact,  the very fact you could either be seeing fear, love, excitement or even apathy in their eyes, IN THEIR EYES, do you not understand how very strange all this is? You take breathing for granted until your lungs give out, there is so much you can get used to if you don't watch it but even that, even that ability, the sheer ability to screen out sensations: the feel of clothes against your skin, the fantastic under appreciated support your spine has been giving your organs for countless hours, the strange pattern on the shirt of the dude in front of you--are these stars? Why are there stars? Are these dots? What is this shirt trying to accomplish?--the sound of public commute, the smell of commercial air, often judged and criticized for being wrong, when all it is is air, air that carries the very soul of the place you find it in, the thoughts of people and their collective energies swarming like dotted lines and dots in Brownian motion lashing about, tired, endless, happy, they are all this, you are all this, and the very fact that this can occur to you so randomly and so suddenly and so strongly surely something chemical has burned inside you but then there's nothing really but this, the promise of this random universe that it will continue to dazzle you with things to see and feel and people and beings to meet, and the knowledge that this isn't wishful thinking, this isn't some poor poet's way to console herself but the universe's mandate: that being human could be no other way or what else are we doing here? Whatever we choose whether we choose to live or die or make pancakes tomorrow or blaze a trail in this crazy empire of empowering technology, the fact you can conceive of these choices--you cannot not feel gratitude whether or not you wish to understand where the gratitude is coming from. Hooray, humanity!

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