Monday, November 12, 2012


This is why some people get stoned. Life is perfect. Stories get told. Some sad, some heart-wrenchingly beautiful. Finally, after days of unadulterated desire: that specific headiness. You know what's next.

I'm a likely candidate for substance abuse, but not really. I can't really stick too long to something to honestly acknowledge any measure of addiction.

Here we are now, and things are simple.

Tin and I talked about things we were thankful for and yes, white wine is one of them. I can tell you seventy-five things that are wrong with the world, but a hundred and five of what's right.

I want to get kids to read comics. That's my dream for the world right now. Apart from getting rich, which I'm not sure will happen considering 14 agents have given my freaking ambitious pretentitious novel the digital snub. My personal goal is to touch 100 agents before I finally give up.

But it's not like I'll stop writing. Right now there is one story inside me, and it's about a car crash. I believe I may have been responsible for the crazy situation near Market! Market! last Friday. I've been thinking far too long about deadly car crashes that finally something in the universe gave. I'm sorry, I didn't mean for anyone to die.

Life has never been better we should write more stories about this you will not believe how much I really love the freaking universe it's like this explosion of stars against a night so velvet our hearts hurt. Do not dare turn ungrateful to a world, a universe, that will give you this of its own volition: your next breath is something the world does not fucking owe you.

Be fucking grateful you get to be here.

That's the only way to live.

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