Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bodies at Sea

What bothers me throughout this whole thing is why I'm hearing all the good Robredo has done only now that he's dead. I wonder where I can find a list of all the more or less good guys in the government and we can all talk about how we can find comfort and hope in that? I doubt it's because the default is that government people are good people, so why rave about the good guys. I've seen my fair share of corruption and it's absolutely the most disgusting thing you'll ever see.

I have a solid sense of ethics, maybe this is why these things don't sit well with me. And by ethics I don't mean justice. I mean people respecting the power and authority given to them by acting only out of the cleanest of intentions and removing all doubt about your actions. Transparency. Honesty. Integrity. I hear some suppliers hated Robredo dahil nambabarat. This is good news. He was also known to say that it is not enough that government people don't do bad things, the system should make it impossible for government to do bad things. I truly believe in this. I've worked in Systems Analysis and Business Processes before and this is possible with some political will. It really is.

If you got a story about a government man that you know for a fact is upstanding or outstanding, why don't you tell everyone you know before the guy dies? Come to think of it, why not do that for every good guy you've ever known? Spreading good stories about good people--karma can only come at you in a good way. Let's shift the focus for a time. Life's not all that bad.

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