Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Think I'm Back

Thanks for watching. I may slip again, and stumble headlong into utter depression, but let's be happy for moments of clarity.

And here it is, tonight, although spattered still with self-doubt and really bad ear worm singing lines from an overused/melancholy love song, a tiny crack I would like to call "a possible cure."

The truth is there is no cure. There is only swinging from rope to to rope, from one happy experience to another, from "hey, I feel productive" to "words! how they sing to me!", from running to picking up the pieces to gluing them together in ways only I can think of.

If there _were_ a cure, it would start with this: Forgive yourself. Because people make stupid mistakes all the time, and yet somehow they stay alive.

Good night, lovely universe!!

(Note on August 12, 2012: This was originally posted on my Tumblr.  I'm doing some online housekeeping and I figured I'd leave my Tumblr out of the drama and corral introspective shit here. I left my blog last August of 2009 but I've reemerged somewhere between that and this.)

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