Sunday, July 12, 2009

Short Straws

Setting out today to write. My mom offered to do the laundry, which is all I do during the weekends, almost. I played the cajon (monkey hear monkey do style) but I'm seriously considering reading sheet music (beats) for the songs I really like but how come there aren't any. All I scoped were some Jen girl demonstrating a "country two-step beat" and some basic drum drill but other than that the YouTube videos offer nothing. You get people doing the cajon but none teaching you how to play. Tragic shit for thirsty greenhorns everywhere.

Tita's done taking a bath, it's my turn now. The reason I'm stuffing this blog with inane shit you don't really care about is a few days ago I was itching to take down all my online preoccupations yet again (not because of the time management sessions but) because--well, if you have tough decisions to make in the real world sometimes it's tempting to make parallel changes in the digital universe. Deleting a blog/Facebook/Twitter/Multiply account is easy as pie.

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