Sunday, January 18, 2009


And so off we went to see the cheeses at Galileo Enoteca. There weren't much but enough to keep me excited. I met Grana Padano (nutty, hard cheese ala queso de bola but less saltier, drier and...crunchier?) and Asiago (creamy, not salty, not fabulous though) and then Eric tells me in a past foreign business trip he went to this cheese festival where there were all sorts of cheese (not just the yellow variety).

You'd think this fascination was just something I made up for lack of action in my life--until I woke up a while ago with very vivid dream scenes of cheese inside the ref. That was all I dreamt last night, I think, and I'm pretty good at recalling dreams. There were a couple of fish involved, a red tether at my ankle, and the feeling of suffocation I get when forced to interact with too many people at the same time (I think I was in a party or some work-related thing). And the cheese. There they were, in all their white, yellow and blue glory, layers and layers of old, curdled animal milk, smiling at me like cheese would, if they can smile.

On a slightly unrelated note: I'm also thinking of killing my Twitter account. And starting another that nobody knows about haha. Then I'll host a contest where people must find me on the net. And then people will win cheese! Lots of cheese!

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