Monday, October 13, 2008

The Room is Spinning and I Can't Hold It In

You can't really complain that the world isn't being kind to you if by virtue of the tragically low blood situation the parents require you to drink dark grape juice (few steps away from wine) every night. So now there's always this strange buzz in my head before I sleep which is probably more placebo than real, but, again, who's complaining.

My father made me this bed table thing (really just a piece of plywood that can sit across my lap) but we're shala so the wood's been fortified by formica which is, ladies and gentlemen, just about as shala as you can get (at least my side of the universe) for something so on-the-fly.

What else is up? I've quit thinking about my petty problems and figured the world needs a little cheering up and so here's a little something. And by the way, need I any sign from the universe but the cutest thing on earth saying, quite in passing, that historically, now would be a good time to invest. Mean, maybe, but come on, we're all sharks here.


iandelmundo said...

baka lang you might find this interesting (parang redundant)

Christina the Astonishing said...

i did. you ever join one?