Saturday, December 1, 2007


And so now it's time for a one-sentence post:

Yesterday Justine texts me to bring a jacket because it was freezing in the office and so thank God for quick thinking and the Baguio trip, which (1) rendered the thickest jacket I had (the green Speedo thing the GFS people used to dress up the man playing the Grinch for the musical number I co-wrote and co-directed for the office Christmas party) dingy beyond reasonable doubt, and (2) had me lugging home two blankets for the festivities (a solid blue one and a solid green one, in addition to the solid purple one and the solid red one, both of which I bought on different occasions -- remember, most of the time I have a one-track mind), one of which I brought to the office on that day making me realize with a certain measure of satisfaction that I have finally found an answer to one of the toughest questions I have ever asked during my lifetime.
Mood: nice and warm


hotbod said...

that's a long sentence right there whoa

Macky Cruz said...

sakit ko na yan tsk