Sunday, November 25, 2007

Luck of the Draw (Also, Taking Baguio by Storm)

Okay so hindi pa man din ako over about whatever happened sa Bohol ay umalis na naman ako para magbakasyon kuno sa Baguio. This time the office gang was more or less complete. If we're from the same hemisphere you would have heard by now how damn lucky we were to arrive at and leave Baguio just a few hours before the fearsome typhoon hit, and how the mothers were so scared for us, and how a certain person dreamed ominous dreams (yes, Eric, this one's you) he took as a sign not to come {two days later the ground shook when we were at the tenth floor for a planning activity at Linden -- could this be why and if so why was Miray not waving at everybody and where were the celebrities, etc.}, and how everybody who went anyway ignored everything that implied we were not going to be able to have fun. (But the tension was palpable, after all, Baguio landslides were a fearful thing; middle of Friday people started talking about a Plan B, but back-up plans dissolved when we realized Plan B was still Baguio)

And so we went. Right now I feel inspired to write not about everything that happened (for all that shit must be lunch time fodder in the coming days, but okay, since you insist:
  • Jake got his Starbucks planner at Camp John Hay
  • We went to Tan-awan to look at the ancient huts
  • They rowed a boat while Hotbod and I took pictures
  • Bixie picked up kids -- yes there was more than one -- who fell off their bikes while biking at Burham
  • Bixie chased down an FX for something Jake 'left'
  • Had lunch at Oh My Gulay
  • Went to the strawberry farm
  • Raided the Princess and King bathrooms until the boy manning them looked shit-shocked
  • Bought blankets, bought food, bought tequillerrrr
  • Drank til we dropped
  • Looked like tourists at SM Baguio, etc.
This is one big sloppy belated corny thank you to everybody who came for bringing themselves to Baguio. I never once felt a bad vibe throughout the day; it was all about the relaxation and laughter and fun the trip was meant to be. This despite getting cramps (and yes, there is a story in there somewhere, about wondering whether a certain boy will mind this certain something that happened over at Burnham...) I can't thank everybody for this enough I don't understand it; I just so really love everybody right now it's amazing. *heaves* *sighs*
Mood: loving it

Credits: Because I never bring the camera, the one up there is from Jercyll. More here.


Anonymous said...

that's the beauty of november! and daming nangyari di mo na alam kung san maguumpisa at san magtatapos ang mga pangyayari! barely giving you the time to breathe :) sobrang saya :D

tuntin said...

It was meant to happen, Baguio. The Secret yun, at its finest.