Tuesday, December 4, 2007

($)hit, Man!

We've been taught in the school of the Secret, to talk only of good things. And so in keeping with keeping things nice and pretty in our respective planets I hereby catalog the good things about Hitman, that point-and-shoot movie Vin Diesel produced and almost starred in:

  • the girl, Olga Kurylenko
  • the script had 'arterial spray' in it and I got what it meant because of CSI
  • E.T. made a surprise appearance
  • I actually liked the quick zoom-ins and the action shots (for instance, when 47 dropped the roses and pinned Nika to the door)
Okay, that's as far as I got. Four is good, right? Right?

Mood: wtf
The title comes from what Hotbod said when the credits rolled, which was: "The title. It's missing an S."


Nikay said...

We all need bad movies sometimes.

ian said...


tintination said...

buti na lang i didnt take your advice to watch it. Shitman pala talaga, confirmed by Mayeekins.

Macky Cruz said...

nikay (makiki-gorm sana hehe): oo e. so we know what we mean when we think a movie's really good.

ian: this guy -- the general who makes an appearance near the end -- appears strangely extraterrestrial

tin: did i tell you to watch it? I sure as hell don't remember -- sa text? pero tama, buti na lang.

tintination said...

you did, when we saw each other next day sa office. i remember feeling envious kasi di ako nakasama. buti na lang pala hehehehehe :)