Saturday, December 8, 2007

All Good Things Begin in Your Head

Because if you insist upon the universe that you want an extraordinary life, more often than not, you will get it. Not by nitpicking what's in front of your face but by zooming in on what's right about your life right now so much you can feel your heart scream.

And this was how, despite being inexplicably dejected when Friday started, I came home Saturday morning with (1) Christmas ham, (2) a cute little toy dog with no name yet, (3) Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things, (4) a possible sexy white (actually, creme) number for the company Christmas thing on Sunday, (5) privileged sneak peeks of Justine's kick-ass white boots and Biggie's secret weapon, and (6) a stronger conviction about my place in the world.

Talking in the morning with Biggie (the artist formerly known as Bixie) made me want to sleep four hours everyday even more. Again, this world is so full of things you can do and be part of it makes my head spin. Siling giniling! Siling giniling! Hah! Hah!

Mood: stupid-crazy

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tintination said...

now you've known that all along (that things, in general, begin in your head). the brain is fucking powerful, as proven by The Secret. but whatever. you know, you could still pack in a lot of heat even if you normally sleep for 14hours. just do what your heart aches for. and the hours will seem like years :)

pansin mo, our days here in the office seem so packed that when you try to remember what you did, you tend to think that things happened last week when it really happened yesterday? you get the drift.