Saturday, October 6, 2007

Evening (with some spoilers, I guess)

I knew I was going to write about this when the credits rolled.

It didn't ring as sad for me as it did to others who were probably hoping for a reunion of sorts. Because it was exactly the kind of liberating concept I needed to hear at this time. It didn't make light of mistakes people did in their past lives, but it brought everything into perspective, I guess: that regret is ultimately such a selfish feeling, that gratitude for the now is what will free you, that you can find love in anything and everything and it is that constant search for what you will love (and I'm not talking about men, for all their fascinating qualities) that will make the rest of your life pan out beautifully. There is no little thing in the eyes of people who are willing to see love where they can find it.

Evening taught me about legendary love affairs, and the joy and bliss of finding that one person who can and will love you unlike anybody else in the world. But it also reminded me that there are no mistakes, and that we can always, always, choose to be happy.

For the relatively smart kid that I am, I already know these things. But cerebrally, as usual. It just comforts me to know, I guess, that so far, I am doing the right thing, that all this: where I am, who I'm with, what I'm doing -- it's all part of this pretty plan up in my head, like some story in a movie I had a hand in making.

And here are some of the prettier things I've heard from it:
"I know you're a mess but I seem to love you." ~ I could almost hear it being said to me.
"I still remember which stars are ours." ~ Perhaps the most heartbreaking scene in the entire film.
"We are mysterious creatures, aren't we?" ~ said by Meryl Streep, hence the layeeers.

And the one scene that didn't have words (though it did have lyrics) proved to be one of the strongest, the one I guess that said the most (for all the movie's drivel about regret and lost loves): Claire Danes singing to her daughters as dinner boiled into oblivion.

I'm not going to say it was an utterly superb movie, being the perenially unimpressed illuminati I am so bent at being and not being (fuck the CGI fireflies and the night nurse in a gown). But, as Hotbod would say, it did have its moments.
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