Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Simpler and Simpler

I just paid off 30,000 worth of debt kanina and I feel like a freaking rock star. Tomorrow I will begin my adventure with wealth-building via stocks (for fans: try this only after you have your nest eggs and emergency funds, insurance and MFs locked in). I'm not day trading I'm just going to play a little bit under some easy investment program COL Financial has going on.

Yes, things are simpler with goals. They really are. I promised myself to write "Jogged!" in purple gel pen on the calendar for every day I jogged, for the next 13 days (my personal magic number for forming habits). The goal is to get to the end of this month with a new solid habit I can count on to drive me for the rest of the remaining year.

Also, I got four more scenes to improve before I start pitching the novel around again. I feel like a soldier on a mission, I really do, and the concept appeals to me. There's this story called A Message to Garcia which I can so relate to, at least in terms of how I feel about this project. I don't question my motives, I don't question the orders from on high (or from deep inside, who knows really). I don't over-analyze my childhood history to understand what drives me.

This is what drives me: the work. The mad, adrenalin rush of conjuring images. The time-stopping power of creating new universes. The fluid, medium-like acceptance of being a mere transcriber of these imaginary people's thoughts and proclivities and rock-hard beliefs about the world. There is no other thing quite like writing. There really isn't.

(And, just in case you're curious, I had to log in close to a thousand words before I reward myself with this brainless blogging.)

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