Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am Immortal

And it doesn't scare me. Not metaphysically, not spiritually, but in energy realms. When I was young I believed in ghosts but only as the effect of creating too much anger/hatred in the world the anger/hatred takes on all too physical (or mystical) forms that never quite leave the earth.

Turns out we are entitled to do stupid things and forgive ourselves for it. The wrong thing is to keep hiding behind a tangle of words, of fronts, of explanations. Honesty is freedom and freedom is relief. Relief--like pent-up energy let go after months of coiled tension, like bursting fountains.

Out here, I'm doing better. It's been a while.

(Note on August 12, 2012: This was originally posted on my Tumblr.  I'm doing some online housekeeping and I figured I'd leave my Tumblr out of the drama and corral introspective shit here. I left my blog last August of 2009 but I've reemerged somewhere between that and this.)

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