Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Don't Thank You Enough

All of you.

A book somewhere said you don't really go around living your life thinking 'hey, I'm happy right now,' or 'hey, I like this part right here,' or 'hey, they can write books about this,'--happiness or contentment is sometimes the territory of memories and thinking back at all the wonderful things in your life.

But the thing is, the real thing is, there are days when I can go around thinking just that. I don't go by society's standards; I've learned the fun way that real joy is when you can do things you like as often as you can, as in every single day. And to have time for things that are important to you. And to be around people who have their own lives, who are not out there to drag you down with angst and all things wrong and unfair about the world, who are genuinely cool and self-assured and will surprise you everyday with the most inane things.

I will evolve, and everything and everyone else will--but it'll all be for the best. We're here to learn about the world at our own pace. Mine is rocky and shaky and is accomplished in random spurts, riddled with stories at the sidelines, friends and lovers and good reading, I have learned more staring into space, figuring out the bigger puzzles in life, than knowing how to cook, or properly socialize, or conduct myself in a becoming manner, this is the way I do things, my parents never told me I was wrong or that this was sad, that people my age are forming families and businesses and some form of life--I have time on my hands and I might never grow tired of this.

Maybe eventually, but not right now.

Now is a nice/wild ride. And thanks for being with me while I'm on it.

*high five*


jm hipolito said...

it's our pleasure dude. salut!

ryan flores said...

ang labo naman nung libro na yun, masyado negative. ano yun, puro hindsight? as if di nakakaramdam ng happiness now. uy, magandang ad campaign yun ah, "happiness now!" ka-level ng "ako mismo"

Macky Cruz said...

nom nom nom

Macky Cruz said...

oo nga e kaya pumalag din ako. ang pangalan ng libro ay 'Rapt' -- tungkol sa living a focused life and shit like that