Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This After 26 Years in Baritone

Eric once tried to justify my apprehension at speaking during telecons (and the mumbling / rambling / stammering when I actually do speak) to my being (or wanting to be) a writer. Kesyo baka daw it has something to do with how my mind works, in that before the thought gets out I do some mental editing until the real output sounds really... well.. not much (not much is being too kind -- the reality is closer to: stupid, irrelevant, strange).

Insert: This reminds me of my father on the phone. He'd start off strong then trail off into incomprehensibility:

MUSTA! Ano na nga yung pinag-uusapan natin (unintelligible)..

The truth is much, much simpler, I think. It's that I find my voice funny and so I hate hearing it in the midst of the silence. In the middle of one particular meeting, when it was my turn to present, I laughed out loud (even if there was nothing funny) because I recognized my thought process went like this the moment my mouth opened: "Oh my God sino yung boses lalaki? Oh my God that's me. Patigilin mo! Oh my God hindi pwede kasi ako to."

Soon after that Miray tells me all I had to do to get a girl's voice back was to vocalize in the mornings.


myi said...

eh sino 'yung nag-iba boses over lonch. o 'di ba natakot ka rin, aminin. i hope i sound like that more often, haha. just for variety. not this soft, teeny, tiny, nasal voice.

anyway, when you speak naman, you sound intelligently funny, whether intentional or not. lumalabas ang iskul bukol humor hahaha, pero not sounding practiced like porkchop's routines. pwede ka mag-improv comedy

Christina the Astonishing said...

you have the cutest voice in the world mayeh bebeh -- but yes, natakot ako nung may sumapi sayo nung lunch (at nakakumpleto ka pa ng isang complete thought in that voice)

ahahaha porkchop -- we know who secretly laughs at porkchop's antics (fine fine ako)