Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Excuse for All This Drama

I know you can get tired of the me-me-me thing going on in blogs, but I just had to share this newfound discovery about my moon sign last Saturday (which is just as influential as my legendary Cancer-ness) thanks to Biggie for telling me moon signs exist (and also for the trip to Lamesa Dam which I will post about one sweet day), and Jers, for giving me my moon sign at so short a notice, and how true the write-ups are for me on all points. Here it is, verbatim:

Personality Profile of Pisces Moon

Those with the Moon in Pisces have an oceanic emotional life whose waves shape their perceptions about life. They’re constantly picking up the feelings of others (check), along with the mood of the atmosphere around them (check). Their exquisite emotionality may lead them into the Arts (writing counts, I guess), and this helps them find a focus for all the images, thoughts and feelings passing through their sensitive souls (right on).

They’re so tuned into others that at times the Pisces Moon becomes a psychic sponge (check). At such times, it can be hard for them to separate their own feelings from those of others (check -- thank God for happy people). They have a gift for empathy, but have to maintain healthy emotional boundaries, or they’ll easily lose their way (see! see!).

They’ve got big hearts that reach out to anyone that needs their help (not anyone, but okay, check). Their instinctive understanding of the suffering of others can turn them into devoted agents for change (amen!). To avoid total burnout, they’ll need to learn ways to de-stress and release the weight of the world that they try to carry on their shoulders (gawd, check).

Many great artists and dreamers have been born with the Moon in Pisces, and their gifts often seem divinely inspired in some way (not sure if divinely is the word). They’re able to see the profound in the everyday, and the poetic significance in daily encounters and relationships. For them, life becomes harsh when it is stripped of its beauty and symbolic meaning, and they’ll suffer in bleak, restrictive circumstances (check).

They’re among the most romantic of moon signs, and will try to lift up any relationship to an imagined ideal (uh-oh). It may be hard for them to see a situation for what it really is, since they’re liable to see only the best in their beloved (umm). They’ll thrive with a partner that protects their sensitivity, and encourages their pursuit of imaginative greatness (okay, noted).

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pet peeve said...

tama 'yung "everyday" dito kasi it can also be a noun

anyhoo, ano kaya ang moon sign ko

Macky Cruz said...

alamin mo birth time mo tapos i-google mo