Sunday, November 4, 2007

Gotta Love Them Mexican Boys (and Other Stuff I Did over the Weekend)

I wonder why it took so long for me to finally watch Y tu Mama Tambien (And Your Mother, Too). It's funny I finished it right after confession, and frankly I didn't really feel a sense of guilt or contradiction in the prospect -- I don't know what brand of religion I'm trying to live but it's just -- sexuality is not evil. The sad thing is I keep thinking the two boys have just touched the tip of the iceberg, but they had to chicken out to preserve whatever they think is left of their manhood. It's amusing that way, but sad. I read somewhere they shot the last scene first and it's interesting to know shit like that and I don't care to explain why. My favorite part is when they were all getting drunk (and why does this feel familiar) and they start hailing the clit. To the clitoris!

In other news, the bike-to-work challenge is really drawing in supporters. Surfing the Treehugger tonight I see this flat baby:

It's called The Smooth Hound and it's being sold by a company named (and how cute) Dahon. I can't see the mudguards on it but the specs say they're there. The handlebars allow for multiple hand positions and the luggage area is set closer to the ground for a lower center of gravity. Waaaa!! I want one.

And finally, NEIL GAIMAN IS COMIIIIING if I read it right at the Inquirer, that is. If the ad is right, Neil is coming next weekend (but I'm going to Baguio!) to Subic, where he'll read stuff and sign stuff and if I want to come I have to shell out 1,500 bloody bucks. Sure, I love Neil and shit like that but can't he just come over and talk someday? And so here is a one-hour video of him at the ComiCon instead:

And here is one of him getting snogged by Jonathan Ross:

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