Monday, October 1, 2007

Network Intrusion Detection

There we were, leading normal lives ... and then eCamp happens. What eCamp really is is a whole other thing, on a cerebral level it was definitely what it was cut out to be: knowledge sharing and some cool shit about the security industry you wouldn't mind being aware of. Indeed, the Internet seas have become waaaay more sinister in the past few years. Think of that the next time you click a link or open a file. Any file. (sfx: thunder & lightning)

There were belly dancers, booze, lots of smoking going around, boys, men, and that wonderful headiness that might just make you hunt down the flavor of the month and plunk a wet one down amazing areas of the body. There was food, a somewhat sober tanggera, a plethora of inappropriate confessions, and everything you can expect from wild weekends. There was screaming, yelling, dancing like crazy, watching people do things drunk people do, like cuss, kiss, touch boobies, (and a certain measure of allowing), walk around naked. There were some games the following day, granted, the last of which required sitting on boys and being sat on by boys, which would have been fun if not for the strange position we had to maintain until a certain marker made his/her way past the finish line.

But the real shit was what happened Saturday night. I can't say anything about it without incriminating certain people, but despite the self-imposed sobriety (on booze and certain other shit), I did, actually, get to enjoy myself. And I did get an idea for a creepy yarn (Neil might return!).
me with Zak
So the moral of the story I guess is to never underestimate the power of alcohol, the female glib, and a roving camera.

P.S. The last eCamp was almost as fun, but only because I got to pose with Zac Lucero - ye resident intellectual snob at NU107. Also band member of Imago. See that smile?

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