Sunday, May 13, 2007


I already had a blog post sometime last week but there were power surges during the surprise rain shower so part of me wanted to think that was a sign of some sort but that other part slowly emerging from years of hiding and paranoia and internal battles so bloody I'd have stomach aches for decades decided, to hell with the screening committee.

And so let me give you the low down on where I've been these past few months. I'VE BEEN WORKING. Yay. That's the start, and the end, and everything in between. But apart from such mundane monstrosities (as I write this, the rains start to pour again -- really -- I must be violating some cosmic regulation by insisting on starting another blog) as work, I'VE BEEN RUNNING ERRANDS. Yay. That's code for groceries, bills, computer maintenance (the Kick-Ass PC has a little brother now, a Centrino laptop, he's from Alaska and he heats up quick), and all-around domestic ball-juggling on behalf of certain other people.

Also, I'VE BEEN DREAMING. And that's the best of part of everything I've been part of the past few weeks. All of it's like some part of a plan, some plan, I've played around with in my head, during the Lull (aka soul-searching, self-contracted bumhood, etc.). I'm dreaming of finishing the GODDAMNED book I've been trying to push out of my bloody substance-thing-that-makes-me-me for the last, oh I don't know, 75 years or so. In the process I've begun another one, in fact, something in Filipino, which will, of course, amass vast sums of royalty money in the future, thanks to a girl who promised she can sell me to people and it gives you fuzzies when people believe in you like that.

Also, I'VE BEEN GETTING CANKER SORES, which are, like, disgusting mouth sores springing up inside my mouth at opportune times. It's becoming a bi-monthly thing, I think, considering I never really OMG INAANTOK NA AKO CAN I POST THIS SHIT SOME OTHER DAY


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